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Humorous Men More Satisfying for His Ppartner, Why?

Provide satisfaction in women did not always have to be with a qualified sex techniques or sex positions challenging. Women can be happy with their sex lives if the husband is a humorous person.

Recent studies have shown that the intensity and frequency of lovemaking in women is much more powerful if he has a couple humorous, confident and comes from a family with a good financial condition.

Psychologist George Gallup and his team from the University at Albany, State University of New York, the United States has conducted a survey of women who are already in pairs about how often they experience orgasm during sex. Researchers also asked things more detail as family income spouse, body size, personality and physical appearance.

In addition to the data, the researchers also asked friends each respondent to rate the attractiveness of the partner. This is to maintain the accuracy of the data and prevent any biased opinions about the kind of guy who can satisfy the sexual desire of women to the front.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, based on the results of the survey are also supported by interviews, it appears that the intensity of orgasm in women depends on how much of their interest in the couple, the frequency of sex in a week and the level of sexual satisfaction. Respondents whose partner is considered more attractive by his friends turned out to be more likely to feel an intense orgasm.
Respondents with a clever and humorous couples also increase the likelihood of a woman to get a great orgasm. For a humorous man not only showed that he had a high confidence but also intelligent. That appeal to men who make women more comfortable around him. Comfort that make women more easily get an intense orgasm.

This study supports previous studies conducted romance Cupid's website. The study found that the main factor that makes a man or woman's sex desire arises is a sense of humor.

As many as 78 percent of respondents think a sense of humor as a great aphrodisiac effect on libido. Why humor can help increase sexual desire? As quoted from Tango, too many people view sex as something serious. Worry can not satisfy your partner, fear of not getting an orgasm or inferior to the body shape. And with a laugh not only reduce stress and anxiety, but also to change the mood in the bedroom. Laughter also helps create more neuropath in the body that facilitates a person to feel the sensation and pleasure.

Chemical content of Michelia Champaca L

Michelia Champaca L is a plant belonging to the family of Magnoliaceae.

Tree, 15-25 m high. End of the branch-haired. Leaves oval, with pointed tip and base. Flower stand alone, orange, fragrant smell. Fruit elongated spherical shape, a little crooked. Seeds ripe dark red depending on the beam that extends out into a slender thread.

Oil: Phenol, isoeugenol, sineol, bensilaldehida, and feniletilalkohol. Bark and leaf: Alkaloid, tannic substances. Flowers: Essential oils.

Curable Disease:
Typical properties of bitter, spicy, and warm. Diuretic and expectorant properties.


Nice Tips: Easy Way to Stay Healthy Heart

Until recently, heart disease is the most feared disease because heart disease is one disease that can lead to someone's death. In some cases even cause sudden death disease sufferers.

Simple ways that can be done to keep the heart healthy durable (quoted from Boldsky) :

  • Swimming
Swimming is one of the best ways to protect heart health. Swimming will make your heart feel active. This is a good exercise to get the heart rate is more awake.

  • Hit Pouch Sand
Hitting the sandbag or tug to vent frustration and resentment suspected could also help get a healthy heart.

  • Drinking tea
Drinking tea may help keep the heart healthy. Flavonoids contained in tea will increase and the ability of blood vessels to relax. Two cups of tea a day good for heart.

  • Eat Chocolate
Dark chocolate contains cocoa has flavonoids that are useful to thin the blood and keep it from freezing.

  • Meditation
Meditation can calm your nervous system that will help protect your heart from a number of diseases such as heart valve disease and coronary heart disease.

  • Reading Books
When reading a book, your mind is more calm. When reading a mystery or adventure, it could be your heart will beat faster. It is suspected can protect you from heart rate deceleration.

  • Fishing
Doing something that helps calm the nervous system good for the heart. Fishing, for example, is a fun way to relax.

  • Eat Berri
Enjoy a good bowl full of berries untul protect your heart and keep it healthy. Berri consisting of vitamin C, A and D that are beneficial to the human body.

  • Laugh Loud
Laughing out loud is a good exercise for the heart. Reading books comedy, funny stories, and always smiling will make you healthier.

  • Quit Smoking
Smoking has long been known to be good for health, including not good for heart health. So by quitting smoking you have to take one step to living a healthier and longer life.

  • Control Sugar Intake
Too much sugar is not good for heart health. Eat less sugar or if you can avoid sugary foods.

Kissing is Very Beneficial for Health, this is the Explanation

Kissing is one of the popular body language to express affection to your partner, friends or family. But there are several types of kisses that have a special meaning. Kissing is one way of expressing the love between two people, which involves touch, smell and sense of taste.

A health expert, Bryant Stanford PhD from the University of Louisville made a statement that kiss served to increase a person's metabolism and powerful body to deal with stress.

Some kissing benefits for your health:

  • Those who kiss their partner goodbye each morning before, potentially live 5 years longer than those who did not.
  • Kissing a positive impact on confidence. Makes you feel appreciated and help clear your mind.
  • Research suggests that the Kissing passionately committed every day (at least 20 seconds every kiss) can lose excess weight.
  • Kissing as a stress reliever. Passionate kiss can reduce the tension of mind, reduces negative energy, increase happiness, and lower levels of the hormone cortisol, which is a hormone that triggers stress.
  • Kissing turn 30 facial muscles so that they can make the face firmer and improve blood circulation in the face.
  • Kissing is very good for the heart, because it can produce substances that adrenaline makes your heart pump more blood around the body. Frequent kissing has scientifically proven to stabilize cardiovascular activity, lowers blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.
  • They are often kissing will be reduced as likely to develop stomach infections, bladder, and blood circulation disorders.
  • During kissing, anbodi substance naturally produced by saliva. In addition, saliva also contains a kind of anesthetic substance that can reduce pain.
  • Kissing can reduce anxiety and increase levels of oxytocin (oxytocin), the hormone that evoke a sense of calm and peace.
  • Substances produced endorphins while kissing, 200-fold more potent than morphine, so it is quite effective to reduce pain.

Amazing benefits of green beans

The green beans are plants that have high nutritional content such as protein, vitamins, fiber, phosphorus, calcium and unsaturated fats consumed certainly very good for your health.

Green bean originated in India and is grown throughout Asia. Ancient Chinese people use green beans for food and medicines, such as lowering the heat and remove toxins in the body.

Some of the amazing benefits of green beans:

Green beans are foods low in cholesterol and high in soluble fiber. Easy fiber, soluble when mixed with water in the digestive tract will form a jelly-like-materials help support the important functions of the body.

Foods rich in soluble fiber can lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) by increasing the production of LDL absorber that serves to remove excess LDL cholesterol in the blood. Green beans can be combined with other fibrous foods to reduce LDL cholesterol levels further.

Green beans contain substances that can fight viral infections. These substances slow the growth of certain cancer cells, including those found in breast cancer. This substance is also known to inhibit and prevent the formation of tumor cells.
  • Preventing postmenopausal osteoporosis
Legumes such as green beans contains nutrients isoflavones. This nutrient helps regulate hormonal activity. Isoflavones are phytoestrogens group, create green beans is estrogenic in nature. Green beans contain approximately 495.1 micro gram contains phytoestrogens make green beans are good sources of phytoestrogens.
In a 12-week trial, phytoestrogens may relieve hot show disturbing and unpleasant. Consume 90 mg per day of phytoestrogens can help post-menopausal women in preventing the adverse effects of osteoporosis by stimulating bone formation.
Green beans are foods with a low glycemic index. Which means, the green beans are good food consumed by people diabeter. Foods with a low glycemic load causes sugar levels healthy. People who consume foods with a low glycemic index tend to have body fat levels lower than those who consume high glycemic index foods such as bread and soft drinks.
Vitamin A in the green beans are very helpful to the process of wound healing in the skin and helps maintain a healthy body tissue.
  • Blood flow
Green beans can help eliminate saturated fats that are in the arteries that can increase blood flow in the body.
  • Ageless
The antioxidants in green beans can help you stay young for a longer time. Green beans contain flavonoids, phytonutrients, carotenoids, and phenolic acids that keep you young and energetic.

Is Dental Scaling and Polishing Safe?

Dental scaling and polishing is a process that provides thorough cleaning of the teeth. Scaling helps to remove hard tartar that forms on the teeth like a scale on the inside of a kettle after constant use in boiling water. Brushing of the teeth cannot remove this tartar but scaling can. It also gets rid of food that is trapped in between the teeth and plaque that contains many unseen germs and are responsible for causing gum disease and tooth decay. Stains brought about by red wine, cigarettes, tea and coffee over long period of time are cleaned away through teeth polishing. Both procedures can be carried out either by a hygienist or a dentist.

What Exactly Happens During Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

Scaling of the teeth can happen in two ways and these are hand scaling or electric scaling and these use hand scalers and electric scalers respectively.

Hand scalers are available in different shapes and sizes in order to reach various parts of the teeth. It is not uncommon to see a hygienist changing the instruments in use every often to reach different teeth.

Electric scalers make use of extremely fast vibration and water. This water is then sucked out of the mouth and then the hygienist uses a hand scaler to check if the teeth are totally clean.

For the polishing process a hygienist uses a rubber polisher or rotating brush with toothpaste. Scaling is useful in cleaning above the gums and below. If one has gum disease then scaling has to be much deeper around the teeth roots. This is referred to as tooth planning and the hygienist could need to give the patient a local anesthetic to make it less uncomfortable. One is also given extra information by their hygienist after the process on how to thoroughly clean the gums and teeth at home to prevent building up of plaque.

How Safe Is Dental Scaling And Polishing?

Dental scaling and polishing is very safe and is highly recommended since it guarantees better dental health. It doesn't pose any danger whatsoever to the gums. Regular scaling and polishing makes the process much easier, shorter and less painful for an individual.

Benefits Of Dental Scaling And Polishing:

  • The teeth are shaped in such a way that makes them uneven and hence the toothbrush can't always access many parts of the mouth leaving food stuck. Scaling and polishing is able to reach even the most hidden corners that aren't reached every day with normal brushing.
  • It reduces severity in gum disease and stops bleeding.
  • It helps prevent bad breath by doing away with harmful germs.
  • It is beneficial in keeping the gums and teeth healthy and cleaning teeth at home becomes much easier and one starts to feel and see the difference in their dental health.
  • The teeth feel much cleaner and this boosts an individual's self- confidence.

Author Bio :
Abella Eva is passionate content writer. She shares her stories on various issues she comes across in health on different blogs.
Presently she is working for Ehic medical card which provides you assistance in acquiring Health cards easily.

Herbal Remedies are Safe and Effective to Treat Headaches

Headache is a condition in which pain in the head. Headaches are classified into two types: primary and secondary headaches. In the primary headache, the pain the disease themselves. Secondary headaches are caused by other medical problems.

  • Primary headache.

Stress, weather or hormonal imbalances can trigger primary headaches, which lasted from several hours to several days. There are two main types of primary headaches, which is caused by muscle tension (myogenik) and dilation of blood vessels (vascular).

Myogenik headaches caused by muscle tension face, neck and head. These headaches are the most common type. The annual prevalence of headache myogenik was 74%, much higher than for all other types of headaches. Women 40% more often affected by these headaches than men. Myogenik headache is characterized by pressure on both sides of the head with mild to moderate and did not get hurt when doing regular physical activity. Headaches are also not cause nausea, vomiting, or more sensitive to light and sound.

Vascular headaches are caused by dilation of blood vessels (vasodilation) of the brain that suppress the nerves causing pain. This type of headache is the most common is migraine. Migraines are recurrent headaches, which are prevalent in women, especially before menstruation. Migraine is characterized by severe pain on one or both sides of the head, which lasted for at least 12 hours. This type of headache is accompanied by loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting. In some people, migraines are also characterized by increased sensitivity to light and loud noise. Therefore, they usually want to rest in a darkened room, quiet and cool.

  • Secondary headaches

Secondary headaches can be caused by influenza, sinus inflammation, high blood pressure, stroke mild / severe stroke, head injury, brain tumor, metabolic disorders (eg diabetes and thyroid disease), optic nerve disorders, toothache, etc.. Side effects of drug and psychological problems can also cause headaches. With the right therapy for the underlying disease, headache usually disappears.

Plants that can be used to relieve headaches, among others:

Did you know? Apples can cure diarrhea

Diarrhea can be defined a condition, bowel movements are not normal, ie more than 3 times a day with a watery stool consistency can be with or without blood or mucus as a result of an inflammatory process in the stomach or intestines.

Basic mechanisms that cause diarrhea are:
  • Osmotic disruption, due to the presence of food or substance that can not be absorbed will cause osmotic pressure rises in the gut cavity, resulting in a shift of water and electrolytes into the intestinal cavity, the contents of this excessive intestinal cavity would stimulate the intestine to release it causing diarrhea.
  • Specific stimuli (eg toxin) on the intestinal wall will be an increase of water and electrolytes into the gut cavity and subsequent diarrhea arises because there is an increase in intestinal contents of the cavity.
  • Motalitas intestinal disorders, the occurrence will result in reduced opportunities hiperperistaltik intestines to absorb food causing diarrhea when intestinal peristalsis decreases otherwise would result in excessive bacteria occur which can further lead to diarrhea.
Besides diarrhea may also occur, due to the inclusion of live microorganisms in the intestine after successfully passing the stomach acid barrier, microorganisms multiply and release toxins and toxin occurs due to hypersecretion which in turn will cause diarrhea.

    For the diarrhea can be classified into three based on the volume of body fluids lost through diarrhea:
    • Mild dehydration: where the weight decreases 3-5% by volume of fluids lost less than 50 ml / kg.
    • Dehydration is: where the weight decreases 6-9% by volume of fluids lost less than 50-90 ml / kg.
    • Severe dehydration: where body weight decreased by more than 10% by volume of fluids lost equal to or greater than 100 ml / kg.
      There are several natural traditional medicine to treat diarrhea, among other:
      Immature apple, eat right can reduce the symptoms of diarrhea
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