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Several Types of Cancer, the Most Attacking Humans

Cancer is a disease caused by single cells that grow abnormally and out of control so it can be a malignant tumor that can destroy and damage healthy cells or tissue.

Cancer has long been known as one type of deadly disease. Late diagnosis of the disease can worsen the patient's body shortly after the cancer is detected.

Some types of cancer that often affects humans:

  • breast cancer
Women who are in postmenopausal stage are at greatest risk of this cancer. Besides heredity is also a contributor to trigger breast cancer.

  • skin cancer
Multiple skin cancers caused by ultraviolet radiation so that the increase in ozone depletion. As a result, the skin becomes much exposure to ultra violet rays that trigger the emergence of cancer.

  • esophagus cancer
This type of cancer is most prevalent among smokers. In addition it is often very spicy foods or hot capable of causing the cancer to grow.

  • ovarian cancer
This type of cancer is one type of cancer that affects women other than breast cancer or cervical cancer. But the good news, pregnancy and breastfeeding can reduce the risk of this cancer.

  • prostate cancer
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer types in men. Too much fatty food and smoking can lead to the onset of prostate cancer.

  • blood cancer
Blood cancer occurs due to an increase in white blood cells in large numbers. Usually a lot of blood cancer found in children under the age of 10 years.

  • cervical cancer
Cervical cancer is the only cancer that is caused by a virus called HPV. Pap smears and HPV injections can prevent the onset of cancer.

  • Lung cancer
Lung cancer is a killer disease that was ranked top in the world. Unfortunately, air pollution has led to the emergence of this disease is the most common today.

  • uterus cancer
Uterine cancer usually begins with the growth of malignant tumors in the uterine wall. Menopausal women have a higher risk for developing the disease.

  • Bladder Cancer
Bladder cancer is mostly caused by exposure to chemicals and cigarettes. Usually the disease is a disease that most slow to detect.

  • colorectal cancer
Men over the age of 50 years are in a high risk for developing colorectal cancer. This cancer usually affects the colon and upper rectum.

  • Lymph node cancer
Lymph node cancer is the most aggressive type of cancer that attacks the sufferer. Because lymph flow throughout the body and can damage the health of the whole organ.

  • pancreatic cancer
The cause of pancreatic cancer is usually caused by eating too much fatty food and not balanced with vegetables. If you have diabetes, chances are you can develop this type of cancer.

  • stomach cancer
Eating a lot of alcoholic beverages and foods preserved the biggest cause of the emergence of stomach cancer. This disease has killed even more people.

  • oral cancer
Smoking became one of the biggest triggers the emergence of this disease. Because cigarettes contain a lot of chemicals that can damage oral health. Cancer is a disease that can be deadly. However, you can prevent your home is committed to always run a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • brain cancer
This type of cancer is very difficult to treat and have a very serious effect, because the cancer is in the brain and between the brain cells.

An Easy Way to Rest Your Brain

The human brain may also experience fatigue. The reason is because the brain gets too much information so difficult to process. If this is the case will lead to the concentration falls and difficulty thinking. It takes a few things to do in order to be fresh and brain can process information.

Some recommendations are easy to menginstirahatkan brain (Quoted from

  • Sleep
Many people who do not get enough sleep. Do not blame the job or someone else, the solution to all permnasalah related sleep with yourself. Assumption sleep debt on weekends is not an appropriate solution.

If every night you have difficulty in obtaining quality sleep, the first thing to do is to get rid of all electronic devices from the bedroom. Make sure there are no distractions during sleep, either from television, smart phones, and laptops. When sleeping, the brain has to really relax and not be bombarded with new information.

  • log off your social media account
To overcome the fatigue of the brain, make rules and restrictions regarding the use of the internet. Limit only one site at a time and log off the accounts. If still having trouble doing so, use applications that can limit the number of sites opened.

  • One time, just one job
Continues to make a lot of things simultaneously makes the brain tired. Now is the time where people can work on multiple tasks simultaneously greatly appreciated, although the results are less than ideal.

So how do I get to stop doing multitasking, but requires office workers to do that? The trick is to do one task focused and disciplined in applying it. Needless to perform all tasks simultaneously, just one at a time.

  • Always pay attention to
Set aside time each day, for example, for 10 minutes, to not do anything. Same brain like a muscle that develops when rested after exercise. With the rest of the brain, the brain will be easier to pay attention and focus in a long time.

Facts About Childbirth that You Should Know

Childbirth is one of the most thrilling moments at the same time eagerly awaited by women. Heartburn, straining, then heard a baby crying as a sign your child is born, is a prosesmelahirkan for women.

During the birthing process, there are some things that you experienced unconsciously, but it will never be told by a doctor or other medical teams,

Some of the things experienced in childbirth (quoted from the Huffington Post):

  • You will not be allowed to eat
Usually women are not allowed to eat a few moments before Childbirth. These regulations normally applied if to Childbirth by caesarean section. Although the Cochrane review recently concluded women should not eat or drink during and for some time before birth.

"If you are under general anesthesia, doctors do not want your airway is interrupted because of the food. Moreover, when you will Childbirth, there are hunger which initially can be lost instantly," said OBGYN specialist at Stamford Hospital, Dr. Shieva Ghofrany.

  • You need a very long time to push
"Some women would be surprised to know he spent one hour, two hours, three hours, or more. I'm not sure she could realize it. Length of time straining occurs primarily at first birth with normal procedures," said certified nurse at The Center for Midwifery, University of Colorado Hospital, Jessica Anderson.

  • Childbirth is different for each person
If your priorities and your partner want a normal delivery, how to make sure the system is working in your chosen place of birth. "Not a little couples spend more time shopping than searching for info about birthing system," said nurse and certified midwife in New York, Marcy Tardio.

According to Tracy, the key is to make sure what treatment will be obtained after the delivery of interventions to prevent example of how things are and how unwanted baby care performed.

  • Many people will look at your vagina
If you Childbirth in a birth center, the possibility of a team that handles only two or three people. But according to Dr. Ghovrany, in labor at the hospital most likely the more people who can see the current condition of your vagina.

  • Baby's heart rate can go down
During the birthing process, it is natural that the umbilical cord is compressed, causing decreased fetal heart rate. That's according to Dr. Ghovrany can be a scary moment. Although it could be an indication of something more serious, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists stressed that the so-called pattern of abnormal fetal heart rate does not always mean there is a problem.

  • Your bowel movements
Before Childbirth, the women are encouraged to first bowel movement. Therefore, when straining, can be inadvertently precisely stool out.

"I often tell the patient to bear down as people want to defecate and in fact often there is no dirt. Was not unusual for our paramedics. Though sometimes when there dirt out, the patient will be embarrassed and not in the mood," said Dr. Ghovrany.

  • You are stronger than you think
Nurses certified in New York, Marcy Tardio said many husbands who told him that he did not believe she managed to Childbirth to her baby with a pretty severe struggle.

"Childbirth has become something that is very challenging and gives a new understanding that you are strong and capable figure through the tough challenges," said Tardio.

  • Breastfeeding can be painful
In some women, breastfeeding after Childbirth does look easy. But there are many women who feel pain. For this reason, a certified midwife at The Center for Midwifery, University of Colorado Hospital, Jessica Anderson said doctors also need to build up my mother to breastfeed her baby.

  • Childbirth is a 'easy job"
Although some couples said the birth was difficult, Anderson admits there are also new parents who said that the delivery process is an easy job.

"We as a provider of medical services is really focused on the delivery process. However, many couples who are already preparing for childbirth until they felt the process was easy," said Anderson.

The Content of Nutrients in Tomatoes that Make You Look Younger

Tomato is a fruit that is healthy, and is widely used as a cooking ingredient. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients and vitamins are good for maintaining skin health, prevent cancer, and prevent diseases associated with age such as osteoporosis. In addition, tomatoes proved capable of making someone younger,

Here are the reasons eating tomatoes make you look younger (quoted from

  • Lycopene is found in tomatoes is a carotenoid compound. A study showed that these substances can protect the skin from sun damage.
  • Lycopene is also beneficial for improving skin health because lycopene is able to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin so that your skin remains elastic and avoid wrinkles.
  • The researchers found that the high content of lycopene in the blood of a person is able to keep them from chronic diseases.
  • Strong teeth and healthy gums can be owned by those who eat tomatoes because lycopene also has anti bacterial and anti fungal.
  • Lycopene may help heart health. Therefore do not hesitate to eat tomatoes regularly.
  • Tomatoes can protect your body from the toxic effects, especially aflatoxin (a fungus that is found in peanuts) and cadmium (bacteria found in cigarette smoke and air pollution).

The Benefits of Apples are Rarely Known

Apples are one fruit that is known to have many nutritional and health benefits. But there are still many health benefits of apples for unpopular. There are several health benefits of the apple that is rarely discussed and known by many people.

Some of the benefits of apples are rarely known (reported by the Daily Health Post) :

  • Extend the life of your
Based on research by the American Chemical Society in 2011, researchers revealed that Apple has properties extend life up to 10 percent in animals. Research also suggests that substances in apples can improve motor skills of animals. Although the study was conducted on animals, but researchers also explained that it could apply to humans.

  • Improving the ability to remember
Based on research from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, eating apples can increase the production of chemical compounds that become a liaison between brain cells called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is a hormone that has many functions including helping the brain form a new structure which in turn will help the brain more easily remember. In addition, these substances also prevent mental decline in the elderly.

This is supported by a recent study that found that eating antioxidant-rich fruits such as apples can prevent memory-related problems such as premature senility.

  • Preventing heart attacks and strokes
Heart attack, stroke, and diseases that attack the arteries associated with bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). Here, apples can help you to prevent it because apple has the ability to lower the levels of bad cholesterol up to 23 percent. Interestingly, Apple managed to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent all kinds of deadly diseases such as heart attack and stroke are no side effects like other cholesterol-lowering drugs.

  • Preventing cancer
Based on research conducted in Hawaii, there is a link between eating an apple with the risk of lung cancer in men and women. This study revealed that eating apples regularly can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 40-50 percent. This could be due to the levels of antioxidants contained in apples. Antioxidants in apples will turn off the hormones associated with the emergence of lung cancer. Meanwhile, another study at Harvard Medical School revealed that regular apple consumption would lower the risk of lung cancer in women by 21 percent.

Those are some health benefits of apples are seldom known by many people. Benefits above reinforces that apple is one that is healthy and good fruit consumed each day.

Healthy Way to Drink Coffee

Coffee is one type of drink that has a lot of fans. Besides having a delicious taste, the coffee is also believed to have various health benefits to the body. But unfortunately, processing and enjoying an improper manner can make coffee consumption becomes unhealthy.

Here's how to enjoy coffee, so coffee's health benefits for the body:

  • Do not drink coffee after 2 pm
Caffeine is a stimulant. Therefore do not consume coffee over 2 hours of the day or even at night. Because caffeine content will always keep you awake and can even interfere with the quality of your sleep.

  • Do not mix too much sugar in coffee
Added sugar in coffee could damage the nutrients present in coffee. Therefore, use a little sugar in coffee.

  • Choose organic coffee
Coffee beans are not processed organic substances tend to be full of pesticides and herbicides to make them fertile. Therefore, choose coffee beans are cultivated organically.

  • Avoid wearing artificial sweeteners
Incorporating regular sugar coffee alone can reduce nutrients, especially using artificial sweeteners.

  • Add ground cinnamon
Cinnamon is able to provide a delicious flavor to your coffee. In addition, a study also showed that cinnamon can lower blood glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides in diabetics.

  • Avoid adding creamers
Consuming coffee creamers is able to provide a delicious taste. However, the high fructose and trans fats in it can increase the fat in your body.

  • Strain with a coffee filter paper
Brewed coffee may contain harmful substances known as diterpens, which are substances that can increase blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, if you consume coffee brewed, Strain useful with filter paper to filter harmful substances in it.

  • Add cocoa powder
Kakai loaded with antioxidants that are good for the body, especially to reduce the risk of heart disease. So if you want a different flavor of your coffee, it would not hurt if you put cocoa powder.

Coffee is able to provide benefits to your body when processed and enjoyed it the right way.

An Easy Way to Detect Sensitive Teeth

Teeth are one of the vital organs in the digestive process. If the function of the tooth is compromised, then the process percerrnaan also be disrupted.

A lot has happened in the teeth, one of which is a sense of pain. Sense of pain that often comes when you're busy enjoying your favorite foods often make the mood to eat so declined. Although short or just a moment, there is still discomfort when eating.

Feeling pain like this should not be overlooked because it can be a symptom of sensitive teeth. The main causes of sensitive teeth is the erosion of tooth enamel so that the layer below the dentin is directly connected to the nerve will be exposed.

To detect whether you feel a sense of pain caused by sensitive teeth, follow the following ways:

  • Try to rinse with cold water
First of all try to feel, is there any sense of pain of short duration but piercing when you rinse with cold water. This sense of pain quickly disappear and different from the constant sense of pain due to cavities.

Besides arise when consuming food and beverages cold temperature, so the sense of pain is a major sign of sensitive teeth will also be felt when consuming foods and beverages that are hot, sweet, sour. It also comes a sense of pain when biting hard textured foods.

  • Grit your teeth and breathe air with mouth
Sensitive teeth tend to be more sensitive to cold air. Cold air coming through her teeth would cause a brief feeling pain in people with sensitive teeth. Sense of pain can be felt in several teeth or even spread around the teeth. Besides being more sensitive to cold air, people with sensitive teeth too often feel pain when brushing teeth or cleaning your teeth with dental floss.

  • Pay attention to your habits when brushing teeth
Do you have the habit of brushing their teeth using a coarse bristle brush with strong pressure from right to left ? You often make a habit of this kind should be alert to the possibility of erosion of the outer layer teeth can cause sensitive teeth.

  • Keep that in mind if you ever do a teeth whitening process
Teeth whitening is a trend among the people. But if too often, hydrogen peroxide and carbamide materials hydroxide is used in the process of teeth whitening side effects will be the erosion of tooth enamel so teeth become more sensitive.

Sensitive teeth is not a disease that attacks the teeth and can be handled with appropriate care. To reduce the sensitivity of teeth brushing habits try to change. Brush teeth with a soft textured brush, slowly in a circular motion. People with sensitive teeth are also expected to reduce food and beverages that are high in acid because it can erode tooth enamel.

Combating Depression

We all have heard we are what we eat, but has anyone ever thought of the idea that not just health but our productivity is also affected by what we eat? There are a number of foods that have been reported to treat depression, stress and fatigue and clear your mind of all such negative elements. Yes, a number of foods especially herbs are known for that matter. These herbs can help combat negative events and the post-traumatic depression and anxiety. It looks like nature has a solution for everything. These herbs fill you with positive energy and you are more likely to think broader and hence, look into the brighter side of life. The outcome of anxiety, depression and fatigue can be global. Which means it can affect other areas of your life as well, like your health, productivity, concentration, self-efficacy etc.

Foods are broken down in our body and the products can act as fuel for the functioning of the body. The products of what we eat really have a huge importance because these are going to pass to our brain as well and therefore, have a role in our mental abilities, positivity and broader thinking in this case. For combating depression, complex carbohydrates are known to give brain the energy fuel (glucose) for a longer period of time as they take longer to be broken down. So they can keep you energetic for longer. These complex carbs are found in oats, bananas, barley and whole grain bread etc. These carbs boost up your serotonin levels and help fight depression. Spinach is also known for being rich in serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is derived from tryptophan, an amino acid, which binds to the specific sites in your nervous system and helps combat depression. No matter how tempting it sounds to eat baked foods or other refined sugars when you are suffering a low mood or depression, stay away from these as much as you can at least when focusing on fighting depression because these may feel good or tasty but will lead you to more depression instead. Deficiency of certain vitamins for example vitamin B can also lead to more susceptibility of being depressed. Taking B complex supplements or green leafy vegetables can help overcome this deficiency.

Good amount of sleep is very important. Most of the people under depression do not take proper sleep which disturbs the body clock and has negative effects on body by putting the body under physical stress leading to premature ageing. Take 8 hours sleep and maintain the body clock accordingly, neither more than this nor any less. Even sleeping more may sound as a good avoidance mechanism to fight depression but this also has negative impact on body.

Herbs have been known to help fight depression for many decades. Some of the herbs most widely used for fighting depression and boosting energy are:

Holy basil:

Holy basil improves blood circulation to the brain and therefore it can greatly affect your mental abilities, attentiveness and focus to the work you are doing. It also gives a sense of well-being. This gives a positive psychological effect to your thoughts and therefore you are more likely to think broader and out of the box by the positivity gathered. The positive energy stored by this can be utilized in looking into the brighter side of things and therefore reduces depression.

Indian ginseng or poison gooseberry:

This herb has been known for years to improve brain functioning by giving clarity in thoughts and ideas. It also frees the mind of all the stress.

Water hyssop:

For the enhancement of brain function and productive abilities, this is one of the most guaranteed herbs. It reduces stress and helps give the energy boost that you would want to have in order to perform well, free of negativity and to the full of your attention and capacity.


This is one of the most important herbs for concentration enhancement and it boosts the memory as well.

The use of herbs for your imaginative and inventive skills is very easy. You can grow them in your garden and use in food to add a flavor as well. They can also be mixed in drinks or dried and used the way it is easy for you to have them. A number of essential oils, taken in in teas are also known to have improved creativity.Try these tips out and you will feel the difference yourself in the clarity of your mind and positive energy.

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