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Plants to Eliminate Bad Breath

Bad breath is a condition where the mouth issued an unpleasant aroma when speaking.

In general, bad breath is caused by:

  • Factor in the mouth, tooth decay, many of plaque or tartar, tooth decay and. Tooth will be a place where germs and food scraps that can not be cleaned and eventually rot, which spread the odor. Swollen tongue and gums also cause odor.
  • Factors outside the mouth, but still of the respiratory tract or digestive. Inflammation or disease in the respiratory or gastrointestinal causes bad breath.
  • Food or beverages, cause bad breath until several hours afterward.

There are traditional medicines that can reduce bad breath, among others:

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March 15, 2012 at 3:22 PM

I normally try Parsley or mint for Bad Breath. Yet tried your remedy too and it actually worked. Thanks :)

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