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Plant to Treat Sprue (stomatitis)

Sprue (stomatitis) is an abnormality in the mucous membranes of the mouth such as mouth-shaped wound on cream-colored spots with slightly concave surface. The emergence of these painful sores high.
Sprue is generally characterized by burning pain, sometimes causing the patient is difficult to swallow food, and when severe can cause fever.

There are several factors that allegedly cause a cold sore. For example, bite wounds, consuming food or hot drinks, allergies, lack of vitamin C and iron, digestive disorders, oral hygiene is not maintained, psychological factors, and conditions that do not fit the body.

Many ways can be done to prevent the occurrence of cancer sores, among others, are to avoid stressful conditions; often eat fruits and vegetables, especially those containing vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron; maintain health or oral hygiene, as well as avoiding food and drugs that can cause allergic reactions in the oral cavity.

There are several types of traditional natural medicine to heal stomatitis, among others:

  • Given the ripe avocados 2 tablespoons of pure honey, stir evenly and then eaten, do it every day until cured.
  • Three fruit acids which have an old java with three glasses of boiled water and mixed with salt to taste and boil till the remaining approximately two glasses, then taken twice a day, morning and evening till cured.
  • Take a leaf Biduri, Calotropis gigantea [Willd.] Dryand.ex WTAit to taste, then puree. Take the water to be smeared on the affected part.
  • 4 leaves of Annona reticulata L boiled with 1 cup water to boiling. Taken once a day until healed
  • 4 young leaves from guajava - Cassia alata, Linn, eaten to take juice / water, the waste is dumped.
  • Chewing fresh leaves of Jequirity - Abrus precatorius, Linn to take water, and the rest discarded. Then rinse. do regularly until healed.
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