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Plant to Treat Asthma

Asthma comes from the Greek that is difficult breathing or shortness of breath, which reads the attack, the medical term wheezing. Asthma is characterized by symptoms due to disturbances and narrowing of the airways, especially on the bronchi or trachea. Usually this was accompanied by a history of asthma in patients allergic or family. Respiratory tract of patients with asthma that is overreaction menjagi hyperactive when exposed to trigger factors.

Asthma is a disease of inflammation (inflammatory) causes an increase in chronic airway hiperesponsif airway causing recurrent episodic symptoms such as breath sounds (wheezing), shortness of breath, chest feels heavy and coughing, especially the night before the early morning. These symptoms occur airway obstruction associated with extensive, varied and often reversible with or without treatment.

Asthma trigger factors, among others:

  • Group of suction, with smoke, cotton, furs.
  • Group foods, foods that can trigger asthma, among others, peanuts, chocolate, ice, and tomatoes.
  • Respiratory tract infections eg influenza.
  • Changes in weather
  • Physical activity such as sports.
  • Psychic for example, a state of stress.

    There are several traditional natural medicine that can cure asthma, among others:

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