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Did you know? Apples can cure diarrhea

Diarrhea can be defined a condition, bowel movements are not normal, ie more than 3 times a day with a watery stool consistency can be with or without blood or mucus as a result of an inflammatory process in the stomach or intestines.

Basic mechanisms that cause diarrhea are:
  • Osmotic disruption, due to the presence of food or substance that can not be absorbed will cause osmotic pressure rises in the gut cavity, resulting in a shift of water and electrolytes into the intestinal cavity, the contents of this excessive intestinal cavity would stimulate the intestine to release it causing diarrhea.
  • Specific stimuli (eg toxin) on the intestinal wall will be an increase of water and electrolytes into the gut cavity and subsequent diarrhea arises because there is an increase in intestinal contents of the cavity.
  • Motalitas intestinal disorders, the occurrence will result in reduced opportunities hiperperistaltik intestines to absorb food causing diarrhea when intestinal peristalsis decreases otherwise would result in excessive bacteria occur which can further lead to diarrhea.
Besides diarrhea may also occur, due to the inclusion of live microorganisms in the intestine after successfully passing the stomach acid barrier, microorganisms multiply and release toxins and toxin occurs due to hypersecretion which in turn will cause diarrhea.

    For the diarrhea can be classified into three based on the volume of body fluids lost through diarrhea:
    • Mild dehydration: where the weight decreases 3-5% by volume of fluids lost less than 50 ml / kg.
    • Dehydration is: where the weight decreases 6-9% by volume of fluids lost less than 50-90 ml / kg.
    • Severe dehydration: where body weight decreased by more than 10% by volume of fluids lost equal to or greater than 100 ml / kg.
      There are several natural traditional medicine to treat diarrhea, among other:
      Immature apple, eat right can reduce the symptoms of diarrhea
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