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Ficus septica Burm.L

Ficus septica Ficus Burm.L has another name hauili Blanco, Ficus casearia F. v. Mueller ex Benth, Ficus kaukauensis Hayata. These plants categorized Familia: Moraceae.

Ficus septica Burm.L can grow 1-5 feet tall. The main rod curved, soft, rounded branches cylindrical, hollow, rubbery nodes. Leaves single, large, spiky, single leaf, shiny green leaf color, with spots, from below the green. Short-stemmed flowers, light green color or gray-green, approximately 1.5 cm in diameter, in some plants have male flowers and female flowers. Flowering time from January to December. This plant commonly found in Indonesia; grow in areas with an altitude of 1200 m asl, are found on the roadside, shrubs and open forest.

Curable Disease:
Leaf Ficus septica can inhibit the growth of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli in vitro, the test results bioautografi reported that 4 g of leaf extract soluble awar awar Methanol can inhibit bacterial growth. Antofin (5 g) as an antibacterial effect (B. subtillis, M. flavus and E. coli).

Composition of Ficus septica Burm.L:

This plant contains alkaloids, which include (-)-tilosrebrin (hauptalkaloid), tiloforin, septisin, and antofin, but it also contains flavonoida.

Curable Disease with Ficus septica Burm.L:

The leaves are used for medicinal skin disease, appendicitis, abscesses, poisonous snakebites and shortness of breath. The root is used for neutralizing toxins (fish), prevention of asthma, also the leaves can cause vomiting. The sap is used to overcome the swelling and headache. Fruit for laxatives.
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