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Marsh fleabane - Pluchea indica (L.) Less

Pluchea indica (L.) Less is a plant that has another name Baccharis indica, Linn. And the familia: Compositae. Pluchea indica (L.) Less including plants shrubs. Grows up to 2 m. tall upright Grows wild in the badlands and ugly, or planted as a fence. There are up to 1,000 m above sea level. Leaves short-stemmed, round tip pointed, bright green color. Flowers out at the end of the branch, the color purple. Fruit brown, with white corners.

Composition of Marsh fleabane - Pluchea indica (L.) Less:
Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: the typical smell and taste a little bitter. Leaves: increase appetite (Stomakik), helps digestion. Chemical constituents: alkaloids, volatile oil.

Curable Disease with Marsh fleabane - Pluchea indica (L.) Less:
Body odor, appetite, reduce heat, scabies, tuberculosis.
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