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Herbs to Eliminate Body Odor

Body odor occurs due to sweat produced by two glands, the glands and apocrine glands eccrine. Eccrine sweat glands produce a clear and odorless issued since the baby, and usually appear on the hands, back, and forehead. While there are apocrine glands in certain places, especially in the hair root zone, such as the armpits, genitals, and in the nose. Apocrine glands are active after puberty.

Gland Eccrine remove fluid which contains water and no smell. The fluid serves lower body condition at any given time. Whereas apocrine glands contain saturated fatty acids with more viscous and oily liquids.

Actually, the liquid produced by apocrine glands only smell of fat. However, because in every strand of hair there is one apocrine and contains bacteria that play a role in the process of decay, there arose an unpleasant body odor. Sometimes there are people who have larger apocrine glands, so that a greater sweat production and spoilage bacteria are also more.

The smell of body odor is also influenced by genetic factors. However, it does not guarantee 100%. Most important is how to always maintain a healthy weight. Cleanliness of body originated from the clothes we wear, regularly clean your body or bath 2 times a day, and keep the food we eat.

The condition of one's soul, like stress or emotional, in fact also affects the apocrine glands work more effectively and productively, thus exacerbating the body odor. Another factor is obesity triggers the body odor. In obese people, tend to sweat trapped between the folds of skin.

There are some herbal medicine derived from natural plants that can eliminate body odor, among others:

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