Shallots, Allium cepa

Shallots (Allium cepa) is a plant that is Familia Amaryllidaceae (Liliaceae). These plants include herbaceous annual, not trunked. Single leaf, tuber layers thick and fleshy, whitish red color. Hump-shaped inflorescence, ovoid-shaped flower crown. Round stone fruit, green. Seeds black triangle. Used Parts Bulbs layer. Besides being used for seasoning, this plant is also widely used as traditional medicine.

Composition of Shallots - Allium cepa:

Essential oils, sikloaliin, metilaliin, dihidroaliin, flavonglikosida, quercetin, saponins, peptides, fitohormon, vitamins, and substance starch.

Curable Disease with Shallots - Allium cepa:

Shallots have a warm nature, taste and smell. have efficacy bakterisid, expectorant, and diuretic. Has researched the effect of bulb onion extract on blood sugar levels decrease in normal rabbits. From this research, it turns out the Red Onion bulb extract at a dose of 250 mg / kg bw, caused a decrease in normal blood sugar levels of 23.46%. At a dose of tolbutamide 250 mg / kg bw orally, showed a normal blood sugar level decrease of 22.21%, and the provision of distilled water with a rate of 5 ml / kg bw orally showed normal blood sugar level decrease of 3.00%. Other studies have also produced a protective effect on Onion liver damage from carbon tetraklorida.Dari results of such research, it turns out Shallot inhibit GPT increased plasma and tissue damage to the liver caused by CCl4. Shallots can be used to treat cough, irregular menstruation, Diabetes, fever in children.
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