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Starfruit, carambola Averhoa

Starfruit, carambola Averhoa is a fruit that are included in the family: Oxalidaceae. Tree reaching 10 m high with a trunk that is not so big and has a diameter of only about 30 cm. Planted as fruit trees, sometimes grows wild and is found from the lowlands to 500 m dpi. Trees originating from tropical America where it wants to grow is not shaded and quite humid. Leaves odd pinnate compound leaf form with 21-45 pairs of leaflets. Shape of a round-cornered oblong, 4 to 6.5 cm long, yellowish green color, when ripe juicy lot, taste sweet. Seed shape is oval, flattened.

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: The acidic, cool. Eliminating pain (analgesic), multiply the expenditure of bile, anti-inflammatory, laxative urine, astringent.
Chemical Ingredients: Stem: Saponin, tannin, glucoside, calcium oxalate, suifur, formic acid, peroxidase. Leaves: Tanin, suifur, formic acid, peroxidase, calcium oxalate, potassium citrate.

Curable Disease:
Diabetes mellitus, Cholesterol, Hypertension;

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