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Herbal Medicine to Treat Cancer

Cancer is a tissue in the body that grow abnormally, such as malignant tumors. For early diagnosis is difficult, because these tumors cause symptoms only in late stage. The symptoms in the early stages of this disease is difficult to distinguish from other diseases.

The disease is commonly found in Chinese races, especially those living in the south, so that often arise in the south Asian country. The disease is also found in people who live in cold climates, this is presumably because the use of preservatives nitrosamines in foods that they save.

Factors affecting the environmental factors such as irritation by chemicals, smoke, cooking spices, preservatives, food that is too hot, water that has a fairly high nickel content, and habits like the Eskimos who preserve fish by using nitrosamines. About hereditary factors have been studied, but until now has not it can be deduced. One thing that is important to know is that this disease often attack people with low social class, this may be related to the customs and the environment around these people

Radiotherapy up to now is still the main therapy. But it must be considered against the side effects of radiotherapy such provision, the mouth feels dry, the fungus on the mouth, feeling stiff in the neck, headache, nausea and vomiting can sometimes arise. Therefore it can be recommended to patients to bring drinking water in the activities and try to maintain the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth. Giving the vaccine to high-risk population can be done to reduce the incidence of this disease in the area.

There is a traditional medicine that can help to cure cancer. 

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