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Banyan - Ficus benjamina L

Banyan - Ficus benjamina L is included plants that can grow large and have a Synonyms: Ficus microcarpa, Linn. = F.nitida, auctt. = F.retusa, auctt. = F.retusa, auctt. non Linn. = F.retusa var. nitida auctt. non verae. These plants included in the Family: Moraceae

Banyan - Ficus benjamina L are found on the street, suburb or grow on the brink. A large tree, height 20-25. Trunk erect, round, rough surface. Leaves single, short-stemmed, long 3-6 cm, width 2-4 cm. Single flower. Fruit rounded, length 0.5 to 1 cm, young green, after the old red.

Composition of Banyan - Ficus benjamina L:

Nature Chemical taste a little bitter, astringent, cool. Ingredients: Roots of air containing amino acids, phenols, sugar, and sour orange.

Which Can Be Treated with Banyan - Ficus benjamina L:

Colds, fever, tonsillitis, sore joints, bruises, influenza, bronchitis, malaria, intestinal inflammation, dysentery, convulsions of children.
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