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Lote Upas (Merremia mammosa (Lour.) Hall.f.)

Lote Upas (Merremia mammosa (Lour.) Hall.f.) is a plant that has a synonym: Batatta mammosa, Rumph. = Convoivuius mammosa, Hall. = lpomoea mammosa, Chois. Included in the Family: Convolvulaceae

Lote Upas (Merremia mammosa (Lour.) Hall.f.) grows wild in the forest, sometimes in planting in the yard near the fence as a medicinal plant or as the tuber can be eaten. Grows well in tropical regions of lowland until height of 250 m dpi. This plant may be imported from the Philippines, is a creeping plant or convolute 3-6 m in length, small trunk when held a little slippery and the color is rather dark. Leaves single, long stemmed, heart-shaped, flat edge, pointed tip, 5-12 cm long, 4-15 cm wide, dark green color. Bulbs come together in the soil. If the land is dry and not inundated by water and loose, weight may reach 5 kg or more. Tuber skin color brownish yellow, the color becomes brown when dry.

Anti-inflammation, relieve pain (analgesic), eliminating swelling, purgative (laxative), neutralize poison (antidote), conditioning. Ingredients: Damar, resin, starch, bitter substance. Fresh sap contain oxydase.

Curable Disease:
Fever, cough, hoarse, diphtheria, Strep throat, pneumonia, inflammation of the appendix, typhoid, constipation, vomiting blood, Cancer, Diabetes, poisoning, snake bite, leprosy, syphilis (Luns).

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