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Plants for Treating Burns

Burns are injuries to body tissues due to heat, chemicals or electrical current. Heat is not the only cause of severe burns, some types of chemicals and electrical currents can also cause burns.

Normally the body burns the skin, but burns can also occur in tissues beneath the skin, organs and even dalampun can experience skin burns though not burned.

Electrical burns can be caused by temperatures above 4982 Celsius, which is produced by an electric current that flows from the power source into the human body.
Resistance (the body's ability to stop or slow the flow of electricity) is high occurs on the skin that come into contact with a power source, so the skin is a lot of electrical energy that is converted into heat so that the surface on fire.

Electrical burns also cause damage to the tissue under the skin that is very heavy. The size and depth varies and can attack any part of the body that is much broader than the skin of the injured.
Large electric shock that can cause paralysis on the respiratory system and heart rhythm disturbances so that the heart rate becomes irregular.

Chemical burns can be caused by a number of irritants and toxins, including strong acids and alkalis, phenol and cresol (organic solvents), mustard gas and phosphate.

Severity of burns depends on the amount of tissue affected and the depth of the wound:

  • First degree burns

 It is the most mild burns. Burned skin becomes red, sore, very sensitive to the touch and moist or swollen.
If pressed, the burned area will turn white; not yet formed blisters.

  • Second degree burns

Cause damage to deeper water.
Blistered skin, essentially looking red or white and filled with clear viscous liquid. If you touch the color changed to white and feels pain.

  • Third degree burns

Cause the most damage inside.
The surface can be white and soft or black, charred and coarse.
Damage to red blood cells in the burned area can cause burns bright red. Sometimes the burned area to blister and hair / fur in place is easily removed from the roots.
If touched, does not arise because of the pain nerve endings in the skin has been damaged.

Burned tissue can die. If the network were damaged by burns, then the fluid will leak from blood vessels and cause swelling.
In extensive burns, large amounts of fluid loss due to infiltration can lead to shock. Very low blood pressure so that blood flow to the brain and other organs is very small.

About 85% of burns are mild and the sufferer does not need to be hospitalized.
To help stop the burn and prevent further injury, the patient should remove all clothing. Skin immediately cleaned of chemicals (including acids, bases and organic compounds) with mengguyurnya with water.

There are plants that can be used to treat burns, namely:

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