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Plant to Treat Abnormal Menstruation (menorrhagia / metrorrhagia)

Normal menstruation occurs over several days to one week duration each one cycle. Number of normal menstrual bleeding in measured by how many times we change sanitary napkins every day on the menstrual cycle.

Normal menstrual cycle, when the next menstrual period is 25 days to 34 days, counted from the first day of menstruation before.

Normal menstruation, when we replace the pads up to three times a day, not depending on the activity you are doing on that day. Many sports or simply doing the work in the office, the same as the maximum of three times per day instead of pads. If more than that, called the situation is not normal. Conversely there is also a fixed bleed outside the menstrual cycle, that even this is not normal and is called metrorrhagia.

If the bleeding still many inside and outside the menstrual cycle, this is called meno-metrorrhagia and this is quite worrying. If you experience like that, quick check with your obstetrician, because it should not be allowed to linger ..

On the hormonal disorder with ease will be given the appropriate hormone, so that problems can be overcome. So do not take easy about this irregular periods. Always be aware of everything that might happen.

Who else is most concerned about the health of the body itself, if not you are a. So start by noting the little things like menstruation you should know for sure when to start and how many days, so that biologically, all natural processes in the body running normally.

There are some plants that can be used to treat abnormal menstruation (menorrhagia / metrorrhagia), namely:
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