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Plant to treat inflammation cornea (keratitis)

Keratitits is an inflammation of the cornea, the transparent membrane covering the colored part of eye and pupil. Keratitis can occur in children and adults. Bacteria generally can not attack a healthy cornea, but some conditions can cause bacterial infections occur. For example, injury or trauma to the eye can cause corneal infection. A very dry eye can also lower the cornea's defense mechanisms.

Some risk factors that can increase the incidence of keratitis include:
Poor contact lens care, contact lens use excessive
Other viral infections
Immune decline because of other diseases
Hygiene is not good
Poor nutrition (particularly vitamin A deficiency)

The cause of keratitis is mixed. Bacteria, viruses and fungi can cause keratitis. The most common cause is herpes simplex virus, type 1. In addition, other causes are, dryness of the eyes, very bright light, a foreign object into the eye, allergic reactions or eyes, sensitive to eye cosmetics, dust, pollution or other irritating substances, vitamin A deficiency and the use of contact lenses that are less well .

Symptoms of keratitis include:
Out of excessive tears
Drastic reduction of vision
Inflammation of the eyelids (swollen, red)
Red eye
Sensitive to light

Antibiotics, anti-fungal and anti-virus can be used depending on the causative organism. Broad spectrum antibiotics can be used immediately. Therapeutic laser surgery is sometimes done to destroy unhealthy cells, and severe infections require corneal transplants. Eyedrops or antibiotic eye ointment, anti-fungal and anti-virus is usually given to cure keratitis, but these drugs should only be given by prescription.

There are plants that can be used to treat keratitis, among others:
15 grams of seed of Boroco (Celosia argentea Linn), plus enough chicken liver, boiled and eaten.
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