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Plants to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Breast milk is an important food for babies. All of the baby's nutritional needs can be met by breast milk.

Some of the benefits of breast-feeding to infants are:

Breast milk contains colostrum which serves to primarily IgA antibodies to protect infants from various infectious diseases, especially diarrhea.
Colostrum contains proteins, vitamin A and contains high-carb and low fat, so that it meets the nutritional needs of infants in the first days of birth. Helps remove dirt infants meconium is first greenish black.

Breast milk is easily digested, because in addition to containing the appropriate nutrients, also contain enzymes for digestion. It also contains nutrients that are useful for high-quality growth and development of intelligence of infants / children.

Breast milk contains Taurine, DHA and AA. Taurine is a kind of second most abundant amino acid in milk serves as a neuro-transmitter and an important role in brain cell maturation process. Experiments on animals showed that taurine deficiency may result in interference with the retina of the eye. Decosahexanoic Acid (DHA) and Arachidonic Acid (AA) is an unsaturated fatty acid chain length (polyunsaturated fatty acids) required for the formation of brain cells are optimal. The amount of DHA and AA in breast milk is sufficient to ensure growth and intelligence of children. Besides, DHA and AA in the body can be formed / synthesized from its constituent substances (precursors) that each of Omega 3 (linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic acid).

Breast milk contains immunoglobulin A (Ig.A) in the colostrum or breast milk levels are quite high. Secretory Ig.A not absorbed but can paralyze pathogenic bacteria E. coli and various viruses in the digestive tract. Lactoferrin is a protein which is a component of immune substances that bind iron in the digestive tract. Lysosim, enzymes that protect babies against bacteria (E. coli and salmonella) and viruses. Total lysosim in 300 times more milk than cow milk. White blood cells in the breast milk in the first 2 weeks more than 4000 cells per mile. Consists of 3 types namely: Brochus-Asociated Lympocyte Tissue (Balt) antibody breathing, Gut Asociated Lympocyte Tissue (Galt) antibodies to the respiratory tract, and Asociated Lympocyte Mammary Tissue (MALT) antibodies to breast tissue.

In addition to these benefits. Many more benefits that can be taken from breast-feeding for infants. To meet the need of breast milk for babies. need to be increased production of breast milk. there are plants that can be used to augment the supply of breast milk, among others:

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