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Plants to Treat Snake Bites

Snake bite victims are bitten by a snake or a patient who allegedly bitten by a snake.

Pathophysiology of Snake Bites

Snake venom contains toxins and enzymes derived from saliva. Can the snake is:
  • Neurotoxin
Result in peripheral or central nerve. Fatal because paralise striated muscles. Clinical manifestations: respiratory muscle paralysis, cardiovascular disturbed, the degree of consciousness decreased to a coma.
  • Haemotoksin
Is hemolytic with substance between phospholipase and other enzymes or cause coagulation by activating prothrombin. Bleeding itself as a result of lysis of red blood cells due to toxins. Clinical manifestations: the bite wound that continues to bleed, haematom on each IM injection, haematuria, haemoptysis, haematemesis, renal failure.
  • Myotoksin
Rhabdomiolisis which resulted in frequent contact with mhaemotoksin. Myoglobulinuria that cause kidney damage and hyperkalemia due to damage to muscle cells.
  • Kardiotoksin
Damage the heart muscle fibers that cause heart muscle damage.
  • Cytotoksin
With the release of histamine and other substances cause disruption of cardiovascular vasoaktifamin.
  • Cytolitik
This substance is an active cause inflammation and necrosis in the tissue in place patukan
  • Enzymes
Including hyaluronidase as an active ingredient in the spread can.

Classification of snake bite (source: Parrish)

  • Degree 0
There are no systemic symptoms after 12 hours, minimum swelling, 1 cm diameter
  • Degree I
2 canine bites, swelling with a diameter of 1-5 cm, no systemic signs up to 12 hours
  • Degree II
Same with degrees I, Petechie, echimosis, severe pain within 12 hours
  • Degree III
Same with degrees I and II, shock and respiratory distress / petechie, echimosis whole body
  • Degree IV
Very fast deteriorating

Handling of Snake Bite Victims

  • Inhibit the absorption and dissemination of venom
  • Could neutralize
  • Treating complications
  • Monitor diathese hemorhagi after 2 hours
  • If there are signs laryngospasme, bronchospasme, urticaria, or hypotension give 0.5 mg IM adrenaline, 100 mg IV hidrokortisone
  • If I need to do hemodialise
  • When diathese hemorhagi improved, transfusion components.
  • Observation of patients had at least 1 x 24 hours

Plants that can be used to treat snake bites:

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