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APPLE (Pyrus malus, Linn)

Apple (Pyrus malus) can live abundantly in the area having the cold air temperatures. This plant is cultivated mainly in Europe in the northern temperate regions. In Indonesia, the apples can grow and develop properly if cultivated in areas that have a height of about 1200 meters above sea level. Apple plants are categorized as one member of the rose family and have a high-mawaran trees can reach 70-10 feet. Apple leaves is very similar to the leaves of the rose plant. Oval-shaped and decorated with tiny serrations on the serrated-edge. Apple-sized variety is actually an enlarged flowers or fruit expands to become a solid and contain.

Apple pectin also has a compound containing nutrients, among others (per 100 grams): - Calories 58 calories - carbohydrate 14.9 grams - 0.4 grams Fat - 0.3 grams of protein - Calcium 6 mg - 10 mg Phosphorus - Iron 0.3 mg - Vitamin A 90 SI - 0.04 mg Vitamin B1 - Vitamin C, 5 mg - 84% and Water

Disease Can Be Treated:
Diabetes (diabetes mellitus), diarrhea.

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