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Plant to Treat Mastitis (Breast Infections)

Mastitis is an infection caused by a blockage in the breast line. These diseases occur in acute, sub acute or chronic. Mastitis is characterized by an increase in the number of cells in the breast milk, and physical changes in the composition of breast milk and with or without pathological changes or the gland itself.

Some indications that show the occurrence of mastitis:

  • Sudden itching of the nipple and develop into a baby's pain during breastfeeding
  • Incidence of fever and redness around the area of ​​suction can be caused by mastitis. Experiencing side duct obstruction will show a reddish color compared to other regions
  • Mothers feel flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills while the body feels stiff and sore.

How to reduce the effects of mastitis:

  • To shorten the duration of mastitis, get to sleep when the suspect mastitis and rest properly.
  • Consumption of echinacea and vitamin C to boost immune system and help fight infection.
  • Compress the area with warm water run into the blockage.
  • Wearing a warm water bath, it helps accelerate remove the blockage.
  • Fixed give milk to infants, especially breast pain to use as often and as long as possible so that the blockage will eventually disappear. Then do a light massage while nursing, it also would be helpful.

Plants That can be used to treat mastitis:

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