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Clove - Syzygium aromaticum, (Linn.) Merr

Syzygium aromaticum, (Linn.) Merr is a plant that has a synonym Syzygium Perry. Eugenia caryophyllata, Thumberg. E.caryophyllus, Sprengel. Caryophyllus aromaticus, Linn. Jambos carryhophyllus, Spreng. Included in the Myrtaceae Familia

Clove - Syzygium aromaticum, (Linn.) Merr including herbaceous plant species that can have a big trunk and hardwood, clove able to survive tens and even hundreds of years, the height can reach 20 -30 meters and the branch is quite dense. Branch of the clove plant is generally long and filled with small twigs that break easily. Clove leaf green elongated oval-shaped with an angled end portion, on average, have a wide size range 2-3 cm long and leaves without stalks range 7.5 -12.5 cm. By the time young clove purple, then changes to yellow and turn again to pink when they are old. Generally clove first time at age 4-7 years to bear fruit.

Clove - Syzygium aromaticum, (Linn.) Merr contains essential oils, also contain a chemical compound called eugenol, oleanolat acid, acid galotanat, fenilin, karyofilin, resins and gums.

Curable Disease:
Cholera and measles.

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