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Dangers of drug addiction.

Drugs is one of the chemicals most often misused. Drug administration should be in good control. Must be controlled dosage of administration, and side effects.

At the present, many drugs are abused for a particular purpose. That often cause long-term effects. It could even lead to addiction. Someone who has a drug addiction is almost the same as people who are addicted to alcohol. If someone has had a drug or alcohol addiction, a person needs special handling. Require the rehabilitation process so that people can recover from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.

Professional efforts are needed in drug rehabilitation. Because in the drug rehab, must be really careful and to be continuously until the person is recovering from drug addiction. People who have drug dependence, it would be better if treated at a drug rehab center. With a more professional service. Drug rehab center, better ensure the healing of people who have drug dependence.

In addition, the role of community and family is also very important in the healing process of someone who experienced drug dependence.
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