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Effective And Safe Way To Treat Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a collection of symptoms and clinical signs that appear as an intermittent malfunctioning of the brain, caused by the release of abnormal or excessive electrical charges of neurons in paroxysmal with a variety of causes. While seizures are known as epileptic seizure is the clinical manifestations are similar and repetitive paroxysmal, electrical hyperactivity caused by a group of nerve cells in the brain that spontaneous and not caused by an acute brain disease.

Clinical manifestations of epileptic seizures can be characterized as a sudden onset of symptoms, loss of spontaneous and tend to recur. While the symptoms and clinical signs are highly variable can be either decreased levels of consciousness disturbance, sensory disturbance (subjective), motor disturbances, or seizures (objective), disorders of the autonomic (vegetative) and changes in behavior (psychological). It all depends on the location of focal epileptogenesis or nest epileptogen and penjalarannya so dikenallah various types of epilepsy.

Epilepsy as clinical symptoms could stem from many diseases in the brain. Approximately 70% of cases of epilepsy is not known why classified as idiopathic epilepsy and 30% were classified as unexplained symptomatic epilepsy, such as head trauma, infection, congenital, lesion persisted space, circulatory disorders of the brain, toxic and metabolic. Cryptogenic epilepsy seen as symptomatic but cause is unknown, such as West syndrome and Lennox Gastaut syndrome.

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