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Piper retrofractum Vahl

Piper retrofractum Vahl is a plant that has a synonym = P.longum, Bl. = P.officinarum, (Miq.), DC. = Chavica Offi-cinarum, Miq. = C. maritime, Miq. Included in the family of Piperaceae.

Piper retrofractum Vahl is a plant native to Indonesia, planted in the yard, field, or grows wild in damp places and sandy soil such as near the coast or in the forest to a height of 600 m above sea level. Chronic plant, grow climbing; rnelilit, or creeping with roots lekatnya, can reach 10 m in length. Branching starts from a strong base and resembles wood. Leaf shape is oval.

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: Fruit taste spicy and hot, into the spleen and stomach meridians. Roots and warm spicy flavor. Chemical Ingredients: spicy fruit contains piperine, chavicine, palmitic acids, tetrahydropiperic acids, 1-undecylenyl-3 ,4-methylenedioxy benzene, piperidine, essential oils, isobutyideka-trans-2-trans-4-dienamide, and sesamin. Piperine has the antipyretic, analgesic, antiinflammatory, and suppress the central nervous system. The root contains piperine, piplartine, and piperlonguniinine.

Curable Disease:
Toothache and fever

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