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Plant To Treat Toothache

Toothache is pain in the teeth. Toothache is caused by problems in the teeth and jaws, such as dental caries, gingivitis or jaw disease, and many more. Toothache is a symptom of heart disease, such as angina. Dental caries, one of the causes of dental pain. Some causes of toothache

  • Dental caries
Dental caries is the collective name for tooth decay in the enamel (substance in the crown of the teeth), cementum (substance in the roots of teeth), and dentine (the substance in the middle between the crown and roots). Dental cavities due to certain bacteria that produce lactic acid from fermented carbohydrates such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose.

  • Loose teeth
Loose teeth are very painful when chewing food. The cause of loose teeth is usually a disease of the gums (gingivitis, periodontitis), although it can also be caused by an accident or collision. To cope with a loose tooth, the dentist must remove the gum disease with tooth cleaning (scaling) and treatment.

  • Erosion of the gums
Gums that erosion will expose the roots to become sensitive to foods / drinks hot, cold and acid. Erosion of the gums can be caused by brushing too hard or because of gum disease.
Gradual erosion of gum lasts a long time so it is more common in those aged over 40 years. Sufferers do not notice or take seriously until it becomes a problem. When the cause of erosion is too hard to brush your teeth, you should replace it with a more delicate brush and reduce pressure.

  • Root canal infection
Infected root canal is very painful with pain that spreads to other areas of the face and skull. The body defend itself from infection causing inflammation. It sometimes happens abscess (pus) in the roots of the teeth that can be settled in the patient's jawbone for many years and continually spread the bacteria into the bloodstream of patients.

Plant To Treat Toothache

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