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Erythirna variegata L. Var.Orientalis (L.) Merr

Erythirna variegata L. Var.Orientalis (L.) Merr is a plant that has a synonym: Erythirna variegata L. Var.Orientalis (L.) Merr. And included in the familia: Papillionaceae (Leguminosae).

That renders the leaves of the tree, 1-25 m high. Spiny stems and twigs. 10-40 cm long stalks. Interest is next, at the end of the bare branches. Patron leaves quickly fall. Calyx split in such midrib. Seeds 1-12, a length of about 2 cm. Many are found on the beach or area, the edge of the mouth of the river; also maintained up to 1,200 m. Part Used Leaf, bark, roots, and seeds.

Eritralina alkaloids, erisotiofina, kholina, betaina, erisovina, hepaforina, fatty oils, and resins.

Curable Disease:
Typical properties of a bitter, cooling, and cleanse the blood. Efficacy expectorant, antipyretic, antelmintik, and insecticides.
Antimicrobial study the influence of leaf extract of L. variegata Erythirna Var.Orientalis (L.) Merr against some bacteria that causes ulcers in vitro. From this research, it was boiled cider, the fraction of chloroform, and the remaining fraction can inhibit bacterial growth of Staphylococcus albus, Streptococcus beta Saureuos hemolyticus, and Pseudomonaf aeruginosa.

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