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Arenga pinnata, Merr.

Arenga pinnata, Merr. is a plant belonging to the Family: Arecaceae

Arenga pinnata, Merr. including the type of palm, firmly rooted and spread. Arenga pinnata, Merr. has many benefits for mankind, among others: from the male flower petals to produce palm wine as a material for sugar, the fruit can be used to mix the food / beverage. Arenga pinnata, Merr 15-20 year-old can produce as much as 8 liters of juice every day. But the palm trees are generally not favored by farmers, because their roots can spread and damage the surrounding plants. Arenga pinnata, Merr usually grow and breed well in the woods.

Chemical Ingredients: Sugar made from the sap is not known for certain chemical constituents in there, because until now has not done a scientific study. But on the efficacy of traditional medicine practices, the sugar from Arenga pinnata, Merr. often the primary choice.

Curable Disease:
Fever, abdominal pain, constipation

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