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Basella rubra Linn.

Basella rubra Linn. is a plant that has a synonym: Basella alba, Linn. Basella cordifolia, Lamk. Included in the familia: Basellaceae

Basella rubra Linn. can be found growing wild, sometimes grown for the fence, or as an ornamental plant. These plants can be found from 1-500 m above sea level. Grow creeping or climbing, up to 6 m long. This long stem is not woody and very weak, round, soft, branched. Stem that creeps on the ground, will issue a root. Single leaf, stemmed. Leaf shape is oval, the tip and base obtuse, 2-17 cm long, 1-13 cm wide. Flowers 3-21 cm long, white crown with a purple edge. Fruit round, 4-7 mm diameter, young green, the color becomes purple after cooking.

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: remove toxins and remove pain-causing organisms from the blood. Chemical Ingredients: Leaf: Glucan c, carotene, organic acid, and L-arabinose mucopolysacharida like, D-galactose, L-rhamnose and aldonic acid. Also contains saponins, vitamins A, B and C.

Curable Disease:
Appendicitis, dysentery, dysentery, influenza, constipation; bladder inflammation, ulcers, boils, abscesses, Measles, Chicken pox, sore pains, Rheumatic, Inflammation of the lining of the eye;

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