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Desmodium triquetrum [L.] D.C.

Desmodium triquetrum [L.] D.C. is a plant that has a synonym = Hedysarm triquetrum, Linn. = Pteroloma triquetrum, Benth. = P. triquetrum, (Linn.) Desv. And included in the families: Papilionaceae (Leguminosae)

Desmodium triquetrum [L.] DC can be found from the lowlands to 1,500 m above sea level. grown in the open with adequate sunlight, and not dry. Grow erect, 0.5 to 3 m. Round rods, rough surface, 2 cm diameter, brown. Single leaf, broad winged petiole. Tipped leaf blade taper, flat base, flat edge length of 10-20 cm, width 1.5 to 2 cm. Fruit length from 2.5 to 3.5 cm, width 4-6 mm, hairy, containing 4-8 seeds.

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: This plant is somewhat bitter taste, cool. Efficacious as a reliever fever (antipyretic), anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), killer parasites (parasitisid), increased appetite (stomakik), and diuretics. Chemical constituents: The leaves of this plant contains tannins, alkaloids hipaforin, trigonelin, tanning materials, silicic acid, and K20. Fruit leaves contain saponin sitting, and flavonoids, while the roots contain saponins, flavonoids, and tannins.

Curable Disease:
Prevent fainting (heat stroke), fever, salesma, dysentery, hemorrhoids, tonsillitis, parotitis, scleroderma, piorea, acute nephritis, edema, entiris, vomiting in pregnancy, hookworm infections (hookworm), tapeworm infection in the liver; Discharge from trichomonas (trichomonal vaginitis), rheumatism, jaundice hepatitis.

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