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Dioscorea hispida Dennust

Dioscorea hispida Dennust is a plant that has Synonym: Dioscorea daemona Roxb. Dioscorea hirsuta Bl. Dioscorea triphylla Auct. Included in Family: Dioscoreaceae

Dioscorea hispida Dennust including shrub, creeper, the stem surface smooth, prickly, whitish green color. Single leaf, oval, green color. Fruit round after the old blue-black. Kidney bean shape.

Dioskorina alkaloids, diosgenina, saponin, furanoid norditerpena, starch, and tannins.

Curable Disease:
Typical properties of sweet and neutralize. Anti-inflammatory properties, spasmolitik, diaforetik, and kholagog. Has conducted research the effect of giving a squeeze bulb Gadung to oogenesis of mice. From this research, it was a squeeze of Dioscorea hispida Dennust inhibit the effects of ovarian cycle influence the function of oogenesis.

Consumption is too much, can cause poisoning. Dioscorea hispida Dennust poisoning resulting seizures. Bidder while kloralhidrat or potassium bromide.

In order to be eaten to the processing, ie tuber is cut thin, and then soaked in salt water that had been spiked. Bulbs continue flowing water, until water is not white. Then dried in the hot sun.

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