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Irregular Menstruation and natural way to treat it

Menstruation is one of the strengths of women who can provide the advantages and disadvantages. Advantageous, because if we are able to ovulate, meaning we can get pregnant and have children. Unfortunate, because many of us who have to experience pain, we often refer to as pre-menstrual syndrome.

Regular menstruation is a sign of hormonal balance, assuming that we are not pregnant, breastfeeding, or menopause. Regular menstrual period indicates that we are in a week (called Venus Week) to prepare for ovulation. Hormone that begins at the first day of last menstruation, helps us to be in the best condition. On the third or fourth day of menstruation, the condition will gradually improve.

Not all women can experience a regular menstrual. Some irregular menstruation, or feel pain. Blood came out in excessive amounts, is also a sign that we are having menstrual problems.

Basically, there are four types of menstrual problems in women:
  • Dysmenorrhea.
The first dysmenorrhea associated with increased levels of natural chemicals in the body during ovulation, which causes pain. As written Mary Jane Minkin, MD, in the Women's Health for Life. Dysmenorrhea both a sign of a fundamental disorder.

  • Menorrhagia
Hormonal imbalance or uterine abnormalities can cause menstrual blood volume is very high, but Dr. Minkin says that the cause is not always clear. If you are menstruating for seven days or more, and the blood that comes out is not accommodated by the pads, then you probably suffer from menorrhagia. Blood clot in fact also normal, but blood clots in large numbers is a sign of heavy periods.

  • Oligomenorrhea
Unpredictable menstrual coming normal, but if this happens in the first year when you menstruate and perimenopause (before menopause). Hormone imbalance or disorder also causes irregular menstruation, which can affect fertility and your chances of getting a baby. Dr. Minkin advised to take note of the menstrual cycle to see if the disorder is still considered normal, as normal for one person is not necessarily normal for another.

  • Amenorrhea.
If you are not having periods for three months, chances are you're pregnant. However, other causes could also be because you have amenorrhea, perimenopause, or menopause. "The most common cause of absence of menstruation is pregnancy," says Dr. Minkin. "Amenorrhea is also a side effect of disease, stress, too much exercise, or weight loss is too much."

Plants that can be used to treat Irregular Menstruation:
Some leaves and some fruit from Erythirna variegata L. Var.Orientalis (L.) Merr, boiled with water. Then eaten whole.
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