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Pigeon pea - Cajanus cajan [Linn.] Millsp.

Pigeon pea - Cajanus cajan [Linn.] Millsp. is a plant that has a Synonyms: = Cajanus cajan. (Linn.) Huth. = C.indicus. Spreng. Included in the familia: Papilionaccae (Leguminosae)

Pigeon pea - Cajanus cajan [Linn.] Millsp. can be found from the lowlands to 2,000 m above sea level. Growth requires a lot of sunshine and no resistance to damp conditions. Grows as an upright shrub, height 1-2 m. Woody stems, round, green-brown. Gathered leaves of three, short-stemmed. Compound interest, out of the armpit leaves, flowers 15. - 30 cm, crown shape of butterflies, yellow. Pods, long 4-10 cm, hairy, flat, green. Seeds small, round.

Chemical constituents: The leaves of Pigeon peas - Cajanus cajan [Linn.] Millsp contain flavonoids, saponins, and polyphenols. While the rods contain flavonoids, saponins, and tannins.

Curable Disease:
Jaundice, mouth ulcer, cough, diarrhea, stomach disorders, worms, cough with phlegm, cuts, bruises.;

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