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Jatropha gossypifolia L

Jatropha gossypifolia L grows wild on the roadside, lawn or in the bush, in the open exposed to the sun in the lowlands. Originating from South America. Annual shrub, growing upright, 1-2 m high, with glandular hairs that are branched star-shaped. Woody stems, round, brown, much branched. Single leaf, long-stemmed, long 7-22 cm, 6-20 cm wide, purple young leaves, old leaves of purple-brown color. Funnel-shaped flowers, small, purplish color, out of the rod tip. In one tree there are male flowers and female flowers. Fruit notched three with longitudinal grooves 6, the color green to black when ripe. Seeds rounded, dark brown. The seeds contain oil. When squeezed, the oil can be used for lights.

The composition of Jatropha gossypifolia L:

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: Laxative, increases appetite. Chemical content: Roots: Alkaloids. Leaves: Tannins, calcium oxalate, slifur, pectip-substans. Trunk: Tannins, sulfur.

Curable Disease with gossypifolia Jatropha L.:

Inflammation of the ear, skin diseases, fever; constipation, leprosy, vomiting.

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