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Jatropha podagrica Hook

Jatropha podagrica Hook. is a plant belonging to the families: Euphorbiaceae

Jatropha podagrica Hook. can be found as an ornamental plant, planted in the yard or recreation areas. Originating from tropical America. Shrubs erect, 0.5 to 1.5 m, gummy white color, single or slightly branched stem, with an enlarged base of the stem and swell like a tuber. Stemmed leaves are 20-30 cm long, oval shaped leaves, with a wide cross-section size of 20-40 cm. Female flowers and male flowers in one stalk, red, orange. Fruit broad elliptical shape, a length of 1.5 cm. Seeds oblong or oval.

The composition of Jatropha podagrica Hook:

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: Sweet, bitter, cold. Relieve pain (analgesic), eliminating swelling, eliminate toxins and cleanse the heat.

Disease can be treated with Jatropha podagrica Hook:

Fever, bruising, snake bites.

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