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Jatropha - ricinus communis Linn.

Jatropha - ricinus communis Linn. is a plant that has a synonym: R. inermis et lividus, Jacq. R. speciosus, Burm. R. viridis, Willd. Croton spinosa, Linn. and included in the families: Euphorbiaceae

Jatropha - ricinus communis Linn. grows wild in the forest, vacant land, along the coast, or planted as a plantation crop. Can grow in less fertile soil provided the pH 6-7 and good water drainage, because the roots of Jatropha - ricinus communis Linn. not resistant to standing water. Jatropha - ricinus communis Linn. an upright shrub that grows to a height of 0-800 m above sea level, height 2-3 m. Jatropha - ricinus communis Linn. is the plant a year (anual) with smooth round rods, hollow. Single leaf, with a diameter of 10-40 cm, leaf tips pointed, scalloped edges, the color of the leaves on the upper surface dark green, lower surface light green (There is a red variety). Compound interest, orange yellow, unisexual. Round fruit gathered in bunches, with three rooms, each room contains a single seed. The fruit has a soft spines, light green with red hair.

The composition of Jatropha - ricinus communis Linn:

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: Seeds: A sense of sweet, spicy, neutral. Fresh seeds are very poisonous, which is lost by boiling for 2 hours or by heating 100'C for 20 minutes. Anti-inflammatory, laxative (purgative actions), correction of prolapse, anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer), eliminates toxins (toxin eliminates). Root: Characteristically tranquilizers, anti-rheumatic. Chemical Ingredients: Seeds: Oil ricinic 40-50% with the glyceride of ricinoleic acid content, isoricinoleic acid, oleic acid, linolenic acid, and stearic acid. Also contains ricinine, a small amount of cytochrome C, Lipase and several enzymes. Besides ricin D, obtained by purification of acidic storied and basic ricin ricin. Leaves: kaempferol-3-rutinoside, nicotiflorin, isoquercitrin, rutin, kaempferol, quercetin, astragalin, reynoutrin, ricinine, vit.C 275 mg%. Oil: 80% Ricinoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, dihydroxystearic acid, triricinolein 68.2%, 28% diricinolein, monoricinolein 2.9%, 0.9% nonricinolein. Root: Methyltrans-2-decene-4 ,6,8-triynoate, 1-tridecene ,5,7,9,11-pentyne-3, Beta-sitosterol.

Curable Disease with the composition of Jatropha - ricinus communis Linn:

Cervical cancer, Cancer. skin, difficult defecation, retained placenta, tuberculosis, boils, scabies, fungal infections, acne, itching, coughing, hernia, swelling, Rheumatic, Tetanus, bronchitis;

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