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Natural Medicine to Cope with Late Menstrual

Menstruation is a routine process of spilling blood and the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. Discharge containing blood occurs in women who have entered the age of puberty and not pregnant. This event begins with the expenditure of the uterus mucous membrane on the inside of the uterus or endometrium.

Under the influence of estrogen, the endometrium grows thicker, waiting for the arrival of the egg. At the height of the optimal mid-menstrual cycle, there was a release of eggs. At that time when there is incoming sperm, egg and sperm are united into zygote (fetus will) and attaches to the endometris who have reached the maximum thickness earlier. This process occurs every month, as long as no fertilization occurs resulting zygote.

To every woman, menstrual cycle varies. Average within 28 days. If to a delay, you should see a doctor. Moreover, if delayed until 5-6 months.

Menstruation can be delayed due to many factors. For those who are not married, the cause could be because too tired. Diet can affect the menstrual cycle.
Certain types of medications can also interfere with the menstrual pattern, especially drugs containing hormones. More frequent periods of delay experienced by those who are still a girl, because the pattern has not been regularly okulasinya.

For a married, late menstruation can be caused due to infection, including infectious disease through sexual intercourse, or because a new baby. For those aged over 35 years, also should be alert to the presence of ovarian tumors.

Plants that can be used to cope with late menstrual

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