Plant for treating Jaundice

Jaundice is a disease caused by the yellowing of the skin due to high levels of bilirubin in the body. Increased bilirubin levels are caused by inflammation of the liver or liver, because the hepatitis virus. The majority of the hepatitis A (jaundice)

Yellow fever is spread through contaminated food and beverages that contain impurities of this virus. Are stable, the virus hides in cells of the liver cells and bile for virus entry into the digestive system. Therefore, patients have a high concentration of impurities during the period of infection.

Concentration of virus in the faeces of patients still remain high 2-3 weeks after onset of disease. Whereas saliva and body fluids of patients had low concentrations. Viral hepatitis A (VHA) survived 3-4 hours in normal temperature room. Here, eating utensils or food contaminated with VHA by itself will easily transmit the disease. Hepatitis A can also be transmitted through direct contact, such as through kissing or sexual intercourse.

To ensure that a person suffering from VHA, conducted blood tests that showed positive for antibodies to the virus. The test is more appropriate when levels of ALT (serum alanine aminitransferase) and AST (asparaten aminotransferase) showed above-normal rate.

Symptoms usually appear acute hepatitis A, flu like symptoms, nausea, fever, dizziness, reddish urine, the eyeball is white to yellowish, and right upper abdominal pain or fools. However, in children sometimes no symptoms are noticeable.

There is no special treatment in hepatitis A. Patients should be rested (1-4 weeks), avoiding contact with the body and fed nonpenderita enough protein, but low in fat. When treated at home, all worn used clothing, eating utensils and drinking should be washed separately. WC patients after use, cleaned with antiseptic. Myth, yellow fever sufferers should eat lots of sugar, not entirely true. Function of sugar actually only increase energy, so that the power of a quick recovery.

Complications due to hepatitis A virtually nonexistent, except in the elderly or someone who is already suffering from chronic liver disease or cirrhosis.

To avoid infection, people who deal directly with patients given temporary immunization with immune serum globulin. Now there is a vaccine output SmithKline Beecham Inc, USA, made of VHA off that precipitated in the solution sterile. So it's not made from infected blood. The body will react to the virus thus protecting the attack off the VHA.

The study states, the vaccine is effective in more than 90% of people. No side effects except pain in the affected injection. Only about 10% who felt unwell after injection. Children between the ages of 1-18 years were given two doses of initial and booster between the ages of 6-12 months. Adults were given an initial dose then booster in 6-12 months. New protective effect occurred at least two weeks after injection. However, it is not known how long these injections may provide protection against the VHA.

Some plants that can be used to treat jaundice, among others:

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