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Plants to treat and remove calluses

Calluses is a condition where the skin is thickened occurred in the foot. Calluses are not a serious health problem. But calluses made ​​less unsightly appearance. Calluses have some signs and symptoms similar to the clavus. Callus and clavus usually found on the soles of the feet, especially heels and toes, sometimes on the palms and fingers. Calluses flat shape with thickening of the skin that do not cause pain. On clavus, there are small bulges and nodes in the middle and if pressed sore.

Calluses disease is a thickening in the upper area of the skin (stratum corneum or keratin layer). Calluses disease is painless, just a little feels like a thorn, when the streets barefoot. The most disturbing of calluses disease is the smell. Especially if exposed to moisture. Although not dangerous, if it is severe enough calluses can cause pain and infection. The most common causes of calluses is due to wearing high heels too often, wear shoes that are too narrow or too much activity that puts pressure on the foot.

Plants that can be used to treat calluses, among others:

  • Tubers of Dioscorea hispida Dennust to taste, mashed and added a little water, smeared on the skin hardens. Updated every 3 hours.
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August 2, 2012 at 10:25 PM

Good read. Using plants to treat calluses might be a good alternative to medicinal treatments. Thanks for posting.

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