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Abelmoschus moschatus [L.] Medic

Abelmoschus moschatus [L.] Medic is a plant that has a synonym: abelmoschus Hibiscus L. And included in the families: Malvaceae

Abelmoschus moschatus [L.] Medic found growing wild in the open on the ground, or shrubs, or planted in the garden. Abelmoschus moschatus [L.] Medic can be found at an altitude of 1-650 m above sea level. Short-lived, growing up, from 0.5 to 2.5 m high. Round rods, the base woody, slightly branching, covered with coarse hair. Single leaf, long-stemmed. Leaves notched, serrated edge, pointed tip, heart-shaped base, both surfaces of a rough-haired, long 6-22 cm, 5-20 cm wide, green. Single flower, bell-shaped, large, out of the axillary leaves, petals 5 pieces, 3.5 to 10 cm long, yellow. The fruit boxes, oval, ribbed five, pointed, 5-8 cm long, hair like a brush. Seeds kidney-shaped, flat, hard, gray, finely ribbed from base to tip, it smells fragrant. Seeds of Abelmoschus moschatus [L.] Medic produce kasturi oil that is used as a cosmetic mixture, and mix the powder to soften the skin.

The composition of Abelmoschus moschatus [L.] Medic:

The roots contain essential oils, fats, palmitic acid, sterols. Seeds contain a-cephalin, fosfatidilserine, plasmalogen, fosfatidilkoline plasmalogen, ambrettolid, ambretol, afamesol, furfural, tannins clan essential oils. Dried leaves contain a-sitosterol, AD-glycosides, and tannins. Flowers contain a-sitosterol, mirisetin, and glycosides.

Curable Disease with Abelmoschus moschatus [L.] Medic:

Sweet root, its cool. antipyretic, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and launch expenses pus.

Leaves, flowers, and seeds can be used to eradicate the insects.
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