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Amomum compactum Soland ex Maton

Amomum compactum Soland ex Maton is a plant that has a synonym: Arnornun cardamornum Willd. Arnomlnn capulaga Spangue & Burk. And included in the familia: Zingiberaceae.

Amomum compactum Soland ex Maton including shrub, annual grass, height of 1.5 meters. Trunked round, green color. Single leaf, scattered, sharp edge, flat edge, length of 25-35 cm, 10-12 cm wide, green. Compound interest, at the base of the stem, crown shape of a tube, approximately 12.5 mm long, white or yellowish white. Fruit box, round, white color.

Composition of Amomum compactum Soland ex Maton:

Fruit: Essential oils, fatty oils, starch, sugar, and protein.

Curable Disease by Amomum compactum Soland ex Maton:

Taste bitter, warm, and clean the blood. Expectorant and carminative properties. Research infusion Amomum compactum Soland ex rhizome Maton analgesic effects in mice. From the results of these studies was 10% with the infusion dose of 10 ml / kg bw, has demonstrated analgesic effect. The greater the proportion, the greater the extension of reaction time.
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