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Baeckea Frutescens L

Baeckea Frutescens L is a plant that has a synonym: Baeckea chinensis Gaertn. Baeckea cochinchinensis Bl. And included in the families: Myrtaceae

Baeckea Frutescens L, including plant-shaped shrub, height to 5 m. Leaves opposite, very narrow leaves such as lines, thickness 0.8 mm and a length of 5 mm to 16 mm. Flowers small, diameter approximately 1.5 mm, short flower stalks, bell-shaped petals with 5 parts, white with green rings in the middle and gradually turn red, stamens 10 pieces. Plant height varies, depending on the state where grown. 30 cm tall plants are fruiting. Grows wild on the beach of South China and the mountains of Sumatra and Malaysia at an altitude of 600 m to 2,200 m above sea level; also found in Australia. Liked the area a bit dry.

The composition of Baeckea Frutescens L:

Essential oils, glycosides, triterpinoid compounds, tannins, and baekeol.

Curable Disease by Baeckea Frutescens L:

Spicy and aromatic characteristic properties: analgesic efficacy, antispasmodic, tonic, and diuretic.
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