Coleus amboinicus, Lour

Coleus amboinicus, Lour is a plant that has a synonym: Plectranthus amboinicus, Spreng. And included in the families: Labiatae

Coleus amboinicus, Lour is a herbaceous plant species, have woody stems and stalks. Coleus amboinicus, Lour usually planted in the garden area ketingginan lowlands to 1000 meters above sea level. The stem is soft and watery. Leaves of Coleus amboinicus, Lour has a characteristic odor and useful for the treatment. Plant breeding can be done by cuttings and planted in pots or planted directly in soil. Coleus amboinicus, Lour grow in a place not too much sun and enough water (not too dry).

The composition of Coleus amboinicus, Lour:

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: bitter taste, slightly cold, fever (antipyretic), anti-inflammatory, stop the bleeding, blood circulation, astringent. Chemical Ingredients: Phytosterin-B.

Curable Disease by Coleus amboinicus, Lour:

Asthma, cough, stomach bloating, headaches, Thrush, Fever; Wounds, ulcers.
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