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Cuminum cyminum, Linn

Cuminum cyminum, Linn is a plant belonging to the families: Apiaceae

Cuminum cyminum, Linn can be used for cooking. Seeds of Cuminum cyminum, Linn is also used as a complement to traditional medicine. Seeds of Cuminum cyminum, Linn has a fragrant aroma and attractive. Cuminum cyminum, Linn can grow well in cool temperate areas, such as in northern India near the Himalayas. Cuminum cyminum, Linn had sticks and leaves arranged in a circle and overlap. Leaves of Cuminum cyminum, Linn has a leaf midrib like a small twig. Cuminum cyminum leaf shape, Linn sheet intangible, but more like a rigid and short thread. Dominant color is green plants and flowers are small dark yellow stalk is supported by the rather long.

The composition of Cuminum cyminum, Linn:

Seeds of Cuminum cyminum, Linn contains elements of the oil evaporate much less than 8%. Evaporating oil obtained from seeds of Cuminum cyminum, Linndengan refined manner.

Curable Disease Cuminum cyminum with, Linn:

Heart pain, menstruation is not smooth, trouble sleeping.
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