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Gardenia augusta, Merr

Gardenia Augusta, Merr is a plant that has a synonym: Gardenia jasminoides Ellis. And included in the families: Rubiaceae

Gardenia Augusta, Merr planted as an ornamental plant that has the scent of fragrant flowers. Gardenia Augusta, Merr including an annual herbaceous plant that old and has many branches, twigs and leaves. Gardenia Augusta, Merr easy to grow, both in cold and hot. However, this plant is more suitable in mountainous areas or sites of more than 400 meters high above the sea surface. Stem can reach a height of about 1-2 meters. Flowers are large, similar to a strand of white roses arranged in a circle and form one elegant unity. The leaves are oval shaped, thick, smooth and shiny on the upper surface of the palm leaf. Because the flower fragrance, Gardenia Augusta, Merr have created the commercial for the perfume.

The composition of Gardenia Augusta, Merr:

Chemical content: Gardenia Augusta, Merr (Gardenia jasminoides and Gardenia Augusta) of research experts, compound substances are known to have oil to evaporate. The oil evaporates, among others, contain elements of linalol and styrolyl.

Curable Disease by Gardenia Augusta, Merr:

Diabetes mellitus, Thrush, fever, difficult bowel movements.
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