Plant to treat Neurasthenia

Neurasthenia thoroughly characterized by weakness, poor concentration, fear, and hipokondrik. The term began to be introduced by G. M. Beard, an American neurologist. Neurasthenia has extensive symptoms include severe pain sensations or numbness in parts of the body, chronic fatigue, anxiety and fainting. Some medical historians believe that neurasthenia may in fact similar to chronic fatigue syndrome. Primary Neurasthenia also known as neurasthenia, Cardiac Neurosis, Chronic Asthenia, Da Costa's Syndrome, Effort Syndrome, Functional Cardiovascular Disease, Soldier's Heart and Subacute Asthenia.

In late 1800, neurasthenia became a popular diagnosis, which includes complaints as symptoms of weakness, dizziness, and fatigue. Treatment is generally with the rest, especially in women. Virginia Woolft have learned that to fight Neurasthenia with bed rest, which he described in his book On Bein III. Charlotte Perkins Gilman's protagonist in his book, The Yellow Wallpaper, also suffered Neurasthenia and encouraged to rest by doctors.

Criteria for diagnosis of neurasthenia include: symptoms of persistent fatigue after physical or mental activity, including a general feeling of malaise small, combined with a mixture of excitement and depression. Coupled with other symptoms: muscle pain, dizziness, headaches, sleep disorders, can not relax and irritability, inability to recover the rest, not sleep soundly, often troubled by his dream, more than three weeks duration.

Cause of Neurasthenia:

The cause of neurasthenia remains unknown although most of these disorders, a clear predisposing factor may play an important role, the principal may be mentioned the hereditary factor, jobs (high job stress), age (usually occurs between ages 20-55 years) and sex ( more dominant in males).

Symptoms that often arise in Neurasthenia:

  • Cerebrum
Headache is a prominent symptom. Insomnia is a pretty and patient characteristics did not seem fresh. The patient looked anxious, worried, and so to fears, anxiety at some impending danger.
  • Spinal
Back pain with a tendency on the spinal cord. Other manifestations may include burning sensation, or a certain part will feel the cold.
  • Gastrointestinal
Gastric disorders are the main characteristics of this form. Hyperacidity, nausea, vomiting. Patients experience sleep disturbances, and nightmares and has developed into an irritable disposition. Patients often farts, belly rings, constipation which may be interspersed with diarrhea, and pain around the abdomen ..
  • Heart
While there is no organic reason, a person may experience palpitations and sometimes pain similar to angina.
  • Urine
Quantity of urine is usually decreased. Patients become irritable and have a dull headache.
  • Sexual
Fear became impotent, patients become depressed, have sleep disturbances, pain in the testicles, having the wrong desires, and frequent masturbation.

Differential Diagnosis of Neurasthenia:

Some disorders have similar symptoms. The experts in the diagnosis enforce against disturbances have some differences over the need to limit the right diagnosis. Many medical disorders can cause fatigue even through medical examination and medical history is needed to see. Among others:
  • Depression
  • General anxiety disorder
  • Somatic complaints
  • Other psychosomatic conditions

Some plants that can be used to treat Neurasthenia, among others:

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