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Plant to Treat Tumors

Tumor is a group of abnormal cells that form the cell division process of excessive and uncoordinated. In scientific language, known as tumor neoplasia. Neo means new, plasia means cleavage, so neoplasia refers to the growth of new cells, which differ from the growth of cells in the surrounding normal. In general, the general body cells have two main tasks that implement the functional activity and reproduce by dividing. However, the tumor cells, almost all the energy cells use to proliferate. Reproductive function is regulated by the cell nucleus (nucleus), resulting in tumor cell nuclei is found that the cells are enlarged due to increased work demands.

Becoming divided into 2 groups of tumors of the benign tumor and cancer (malignant), to know more about cancer, see here. There are real differences in nature between these two tumor types. The difference is more dangerous cancer. Benign tumors can only cause of death is directly related to the growth of harmful sites, such as tumor in the neck that can suppress the respiratory tract.

Differences between Tumor and Cancer

  • Growth.
Cancer grow faster because it is more active and aggressive, on the surface of the body will appear enlarged tumor rapidly and is accompanied by injury or decay that are not easily cured. These chronic wounds caused by the supply of nutrients to the tumor cells are not able to keep more of tumor cells is very quickly doubled the amount, resulting in cells that are tip did not get the nutrients and die.

  • Expansion.
Expansive tumor grows or urgent, but not damaging the surrounding normal tissue structures. This is because the tumor has a capsule which limit between the tumor cells are abnormal to normal cells. In contrast to the cancer that is not encapsulated, infiltrative growth or these kenker infiltrate and destroy surrounding tissue.

  • Metastasis.
Metastasis is the spread of children, it means the ability of a tumor tissue to be separated from its mother and stick and be able to live and develop further in other body tissues remote from the parent tumor tissue. For example, breast cancer can spread to the lungs and cause respiratory process. The spread can be through the bloodstream, lymph flow and the separated / fall directly attached to a particular place. Occur only in cancer metastasis. Benign tumors never metastasize.

  • Cellular picture.
Cancer under the microscope will appear a set of cells that often do not resemble normal tissue, even malignant cells can give a picture that did not resemble any cell in the human body). Whereas tumor cells that still have a picture similar to normal cells.

  • Recurrence.
Rare tumors to relapse if surgery properly. Have a higher cancer recurrence due to the operation, it is difficult to complete because of this abnormal tissue is not encapsulated making it difficult to be distinguished and separated from the surrounding normal tissues that have been infiltrated. In addition, advanced stage cancer generally have a wider spread of bermetasasis much so that even surgery is not possible to heal again, because the malignant cells already exist in almost every part of the body.

There are some plants that can be used to treat tumors or cancer, if you want to find a natural remedy to cure the cancer, can be found here.

Plants to cure tumors, among others:

3 pieces of fresh leaves of Comfrey - Stachytarpheta mutabilis, Vahl, eaten regularly every day, without cooking.
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