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Plants to Relieve Heart Disease

Heart disease is a condition that causes the heart is unable to perform its function properly. There are various kinds of disorders and diseases that can affect any part of the heart. The most common heart disease is coronary heart disease which can lead to sudden death heart attacks.

Cause of coronary heart disease is the narrowing and blockage of the arteries due to buildup of excessive fat in the lining of coronary artery vessels. It is influenced by an unhealthy diet that accompanied sedentary lifestyle, cigarette addiction, hypertension, high cholesterol and thus affect the formation of blood clots. As a result of blood flow to the heart is hampered thereby disrupting the work of the heart as a blood pump that in turn will trigger a heart attack.

In addition to coronary heart disease, there are also other heart diseases caused by birth defects, such as an imperfect heart, heart valve disorders, and weakening of the heart muscle. Another cause is the bacteria that cause infections of the heart.

Basically, the common symptoms experienced by people with heart disease due to lack of oxygen supply amount of blood to the heart due to impaired cardiac function.

Symptoms of heart disease include:

  • Angina
Is pain or pressure in the chest.
  • Arrhythmias
Is a term used to indicate the condition of a heart rhythm disorder that can cause palpitations (abnormal heartbeat).

Angina and arrhythmias due to lack of blood supply that carries oxygen to the heart muscle. Usually followed by other symptoms such as dizziness, prolonged fatigue, nausea, cold sweats, and shortness of breath. These symptoms may be an early warning of heart attack risk. When a heart attack (myocardial infarction), heart muscle will die while not getting blood. And unlike other tissues, the heart muscle can not regenerate. Therefore, the longer the attack and not immediately treated, the more permanent damage also to the heart muscle, even if allowed to continue to experience death.

Plants that can be used to relieve heart disease, among others:

1 teaspoon of seeds of Cuminum cyminum, Linn, 1 red onion - Allium cepa. All material is crushed and added 4 tablespoons of water, then filtered. Drunk in the morning and evening regularly.
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