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Cydrangea macrophylla [Thunb.] Seringe

Cydrangea macrophylla [Thunb.] Seringe is a plant that has a synonym: Viburnum macrophylla Thunb. And included in the familia: Saxifragaceae

Cydrangea macrophylla [Thunb.] Seringe came from Japan. Commonly planted as an ornamental plant, in the yard or garden. Chronic shrubs, tall, strong-trunked, green color when young, and has a high 0.5 to 1 m. Single leaf, stemmed, located opposite. Leaf blade width and thickness, the shape is oval, the base and tapered edges, the edges serrated, dark green color of the surface, and the bottom of the yellow-green. Compound interest, out of the end of the shaft, a rounded shape with a diameter range can reach 20 cm, color white, pink, and will be blue.

Curable Disease by Cydrangea macrophylla [Thunb.] Seringe:

Cydrangea macrophylla [Thunb.] Seringe have a bitter taste and a little spicy, its cool, slightly toxic. Efficacious as an anti-inflammatory and antimalarial.
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