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Four o'clock flower - Mirabilisjalapa Linn

Four o'clock flower - Mirabilisjalapa Linn is a plant that has a synonym: Jalapa congesta Moench. Nyctago hortensis, Bot. And included in the familia: Nyctaginaccae

Annual herb, erect, 20 cm - 80 cm, originating from South America, widely planted as an ornamental plant in the garden or as a barrier (fence). Grown in the lowlands receive sufficient sunlight or in hilly areas. Trunked wet, heart-shaped leaves, dark green color, length 2 cm - 11 cm, width 8 mm - 7 cm, the base of the leaves rounded, tapered tip, flat leaf edges, where the line of sight, has a long petiole 6 mm - 6 cm. Trumpet-shaped flowers, with many colors, including red, white, orange, yellow, a combination. Blooms in the evening and the bud back in the morning before dawn. The fruit is hard, black, egg-shaped, can be made powder. Tuber skin color dark brown, elongated spherical shape, a length of 7 cm - 9 cm with a diameter of 2 cm - 5 cm, the contents of the white bulbs.

Composition of Four o'clock flower - Mirabilisjalapa Linn:

Chemical properties and pharmacological effects: No odor, sweet, neutral flavor, cool. Anti-inflammatory, launched urine. Chemical Ingredients: Roots contain betaxanthins. The fruit contains starch, fat (4.3%), fatty acid (24.4%), acid oils (46.9%).

Curable Disease by Four o'clock flower - Mirabilisjalapa Linn:

Mastitis, Tonsilis, urinary tract infection, Diabetes: Diabetes fatty, vaginal discharge, irritation of the cervix, Rheumatic.


  • Pregnant women are forbidden to consume these plants.
  • To boil, not wear metallic materials
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