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Moringa - Moringa oleifera, Lamk

Moringa - Moringa oleifera, is a plant that has Lamk synonym: Moringa pterygosperma, Gaertn. And included in the familia: Moringacaea

Moringa - Moringa oleifera, Lamk including herbaceous plant species that can have a high rod 7 -11 meters. Moringa - Moringa oleifera, Lamk often used as a hedge plant because of merit for drugs. Of the Moringa tree - Moringa oleifera, Lamk not too big. Stem wood and branches break easily, but rarely have strong roots. Oval-shaped leaves with small size composite compound in one stalk. Moringa - Moringa oleifera, Lamk can breed well in areas that have a height of 300-500 meters above the ground surface. The flowers are white midrib yellowish brass and green flowers. Flowers come out all year with a fragrant scent. Elongated triangular-shaped fruit.

The composition of Moringa - Moringa oleifera, Lamk:

Chemical content: The roots and leaves of the Moringa - Moringa oleifera, Lamk contain substances that taste bitter, bitter and spicy. Seeds also contain oils and fats.

Curable Disease with Moringa - Moringa oleifera, Lamk:

Jaundice (Hepatitis), Rheumatic, nyctalopia, eye pain, difficult urination, urticaria, worms.
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August 14, 2012 at 11:30 AM

Well, Moringa is the great tree and also known as miracle tree as due to it's properties. Moringa consists many nutrients at very large scale and products made form it are also very good and shows very effective results.

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